Touristic Attractions in Cameroon


1.Littoral Region:

-The River Wourri Bridge (2km) and the delta.

-The Ekom-Nkam falls, (about 50km from  Melong, near the town of Nkongsamba).

-The Manengouba mountain, and the Twin crater lakes at the summit. (about 50km from Melong, near Nkongsamba)

-The banana plantations in Penja

-The  Sanaga River, Edea.


2.The western Region:

-The Sultanate of the Bamouns (In Foumban)

-The Arts market of Foumban.

-The Cheiftaincies of Bafoussam, Banjourn, etc and cultural regalia they posses(Traditional dresses, dances etc).

-The mountainous paysage in this region!


3.The North West Region:

-The different Palaces of the Fons (traditional Leaders).

-The traditional dances, notably the Mbaya dancers, (NB thier masks, and special costumes)

-The crater lakes at the summits of the mountain chain in this region(lakes: Nyos,...)

-The panoramic hills and the "Ring Road"


4.The South West Region:

-Mt. Cameroon (or Buea Mt., in Buea)

-The Limbe Botanical Garden (in Limbe).

-The Limbe natural sea beach (Limbe)

-Lake Barumbi Kotto (in Kumba)

-The CDC plantations in Bota (near Limbe)


5.The Central Region:

-The Caves of Akom Bokwe, ( in the Mefoue department, near the town of Akono)

-The premisses of the Catholic Church in the town of Mbalmayo.

-The river Sanaga and tributaries


6.The Southern Region

-The natural reserve of the Dja

-The Dja water falls

-The Falls of the Lobe River

-The Meuveuleu Falls

-The Pigmee Settlements

-The gorilas of Mengume (near the town of Ebolowa)


7.The Eastern Region

-The Pigmees

-The elephants and other wild life inhabitants


8.The Adamaoua Region

- The Roumsiki Rocky summit

-The Amamawa plateau

-The Waza Park (Reserve)

-The Lamido's Palace


9. The Northern Region

- The Benoue river

- The Lamido's Palace


10. The Farnorth Region

-Lake Chad

-The Lamido's Palace