Welcome Note from the Ambassador

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Cameroon  in Moscow, which we believe will provide you with useful information about Cameroon!

Our mission here at the embassy is twofold:

On the short-term, we are called to assist every Cameroonian citizen in the Russian Federation by providing information about our consular and other related administrative services, as well as acquaint them with some pertinent facts about the Russian Federation. We also consider it a top priority to keep a constant flow of information about current events in Cameroon, its political and economic relations with the Russian Federation.

But on the long-term, we are working on the promotion of our country often called ‘African in Miniature’. In this wise, we intend to make available all essential information for businessmen who wish to invest in Cameroon. In line with the objectives set forth within the framework of its development vision for 2035, that is : “to become an emerging country, democratic and united in its diversity”, Cameroon intends to leave no stone unturned in its effort towards modernising its productive sector. In the present context of growing globalisation of the world economy and a growing interest in the strategic role developing economies can play in this new economic arena, this website is  an open door for Russian investors to operate in Cameroon.

Therefore, be you a Cameroonian student seeking more information about studies in Russia, a Russian business representative searching for a better understanding of the Cameroonian commercial climate, or you are just interested in knowing more about Cameroon or the Russian Federation, this website has something for you and could be a platform of interaction and exchange. We would like to hear your suggestions, and hope to answer all your questions.

This is your portal into the activities of the Cameroonian Embassy. We look forward to providing you with updates about the services we offer, and insights into Cameroon and the Cameroon-Russia relationship.

I am personally committed as well the mission staff at the Embassy to provide you with all the assistance needed at our level.

His Excellency Mr Mahamat Paba Sale

Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon to the Russian Federation