·        An application bearing a physical stamp, addressed to the Ambassador of Cameroon in Moscow.

·        The original of the Single Status Certificate, as well as the Non Opposition Certificate issued by the mayor of the locality in which the applicant was born, subsequent to a one month publication of the marriage announcement; all of these, certified at the Ministry of External Relations in Yaoundé, or its annex in Douala.

·        Photocopy of the passports of the husband and wife to be.

·        Resident permit or equivalent document justifying applicants have a regular stay in their host country.

·        If the one of the applicants is of Russian nationality, he or she should submit a photocopy of the National Passport, containing specific information on the marriage status and/ or a divorce certificate, translated in French or English by an authorized translator.

·        For an applicant who is of foreign other nationality other than Russian, the or she will need to submit an Authorization for Marriage issued by a competent authority and duly legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of applicants country of origin, or at the Embassy in the Russian Federation.

·        3 photos 4x4 per person.


NB: The marriage celebration can take place only 30 days after the above formalities have been fulfilled.