To be eligible for entry, the candidate must:

ð  Hold a passport, valid for at least 2 years, the original and copies of his training documents with the different annexes and 7 photographs (3 x 4 cm)

ð  Present basic certificates –Baccalaureate or GC advanced Level; Probatoire, BEPC, as well as ALL transcripts in both original and copies translated and approved by the Consulate of the Federation of Russia in Yaoundé

ð  Have been tested for the AIDS in a medical infrastructure approved by the State

ð  Present a medical certificate issued by a doctor approved by the State. This certificate must demonstrate the candidate’s physical and mental fitness as determined by the medical practitioner. 

ð  Have sufficient financial means to meet the needs (at least US$150 monthly in addition to the transport and insurance expenditures that amount to US$500).


The candidate needs to be present on the territory prior to the start of the school year that is the 1st of September and more importantly must have paid the schools before the deadline that is on the 15September. Failure to meet this requirement will prevent the candidate from being registered and subsequently to his eviction.

For that reason, the Embassy of Cameroon requiresALL future candidates to notify their venue no later than 10 opening days before their arrival on the Russian territory.


Pitfalls to avoid

ð  Students under contract should, under NO circumstances, assign the application procedures to an organisation that has not been approved by any of the Embassies of Russia in Yaoundé or Cameroon in Moscow.

ð  Students under contract should, under NO circumstances, make the payment of their tuition fee to an individual.

ð  Students under contract should ensure that the fee is paid to the corresponding school or University.

ð  Students on receiving their invitation letter from the corresponding College or University must ensure that they are pre-registered before leaving from Cameroon.

Students applying for Scholarships

ð  The Russian Government offers scholarships to Cameroonian students.

To benefit from the offer, students who intend to apply for higher education in the Federation of Russia must be recommended by the Minister of Higher Education the Republic of Cameroon who will then transmit this recommendation to the Embassy of Cameroon in Moscow for processing and approval by the Russian Minister of Education and Science before the end of April/early May prior to the beginning of the academic year.

ð  Graduate students, already enrolled in a University/School of the Federation of Russia applying for a scholarship, can apply through the Cameroon Embassy in Moscow that will submit the request to the Minister of Higher Education in Cameroon for further scrutiny under two main conditions:

o   Candidates must provide a letter of recommendation from the University they are currently attending in the Federation of Russia, when applying for the scholarship

o   Candidates must demonstrate outstanding academic achievements (Upper second class honour in the course of the 6 last semesters)

For further enquiry, please visit: http://fr.russia.edu.ru/

Further Information:

Students, who complete the preparatory year with a first class honour, can also apply for scholarship by submitting their application to the Cameroon Embassy supported by a letter of recommendation from their University.

Transfers from one  faculty to  another , or a university in a different town are exclusively reserved to sponsored fellows of the Russian – Cameroon Cooperation and contract students(ie. not those who benefit from scholarships from their universities or the Russian Government).

Related requests must be transferred to the Embassy no later than February and March preceding the beginning of the semester.