All individuals with a non-Cameroonian nationality must obtain a visa before they can enter the Cameroonian national territory. The conditions for obtaining the visa are as follows:

  • Applicant must present a Passport with a minimum of six (06) months validity;
  • Submit  “Online Visa application forms” correctly filled in French, English, or Russian;
  • Two Passport size photos, face format, 4 x 4cm, colour ( NB: no photocopies or scanned photos are accepted);
  • An invitation from your host or employer in Cameroon (NB: must be legalized at the Mayor’s Office or nearest Police Station), a Lodging Certificate, or a Mission Order in case of official trip;
  • Photocopy of the air ticket or ticket reservation;
  • Photocopy of vaccination certificate against yellow fever;
  • CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) test;
  • For under age children, submit a photocopy of Birth Certificate, Photocopy of Passport or I.D. card of parent.
  • Payment of visa fees

NBAll applicants are advised to personally withdraw their visas from the Embassy. The embassy declines all responsibility for the loss or delay of documents that applicants insist on receiving by post or other intermediate options.

The time required for processing the documents is three (03) working days.


Visa fees

Visa type


Number of entrees



Short stay (transit, Tourist, private visit, business, official trip…etc)

01 to 90 days

01 or more

6 200 rubles


Longer stay (business, official mission, internship etc

91 to 180 days

01 or more

12 400 rubles



All applications submitted at the embassy must bear a physical stamp

The treasury cost of one physical stamp for the 2019 is set at 1000 francs CFA, which equivalent to 120 rubles.