On the basis of the Decree № 2013/002/ of the 04/01/2013, setting the conditions for the issuing of ordinary passports to applicants, as follows:

  • Applicant must be of Cameroonian nationality
  • Applicant must fulfill related financial obligations (physical stamps), as established by the law of finances.
  • File in an  online application including the following items
  • A certified, Photocopy of  birth certificate;
  • A certified, Photocopy of  the national Identity Card;
  • A certified, Photocopy of  the Marriage Certificate, for married women;
  • A photocopy copy of  the Decree of Naturalization or Reintegration  where necessary;
  •  The certificate of loss of Passport, where necessary.

NB:Taking into consideration the fact that all Passports are being issued exclusively at the Passport Center of Yaounde, and that the minimal time required for this process is two (02) months, you are advised to file in your application at least six (06) before the expiration date of your Passport.



The Pass permit is a temporary travel document in place of the passport, allowing a Cameroonian citizen who is not in possession of his or her Passport or the later is expired, to return to Cameroon. The issuing of this document is subject to the same conditions as the Ordinary Passport.


Every Cameroonian citizen living out of the national territory is required to register at the consular office in his circumscription within three months after arrival in the host country.

The following documents are needed for this process:

1 – An application form duly filled in French or English language (online an printed)

2 – A Photocopy of applicant’s Passport (must be currently valid)

3 – Three (03) passport size photos (4x4)

4 - A photocopy of Birth Certificate

5 – A photocopy of National Identity Card

6 – A Photocopy of registration and/or Student Identity Card






All applications submitted at the embassy must bear a physical stamp

The treasury cost of one physical stamp as for the 1st of august 2019 is set at 1000 francs CFA, which equivalent to 120 rubles.